Tom Ramar

Co-Founder, COS, CIS

Thomas Ramar, Co-Founder, COS, CIS, individual centricity

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Versatile, Disciplined Leader, Strategic Acumen, Passion For Excellence

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Thomas Ramar brings a wealth of diverse and invaluable experience to his role as Chief of Staff to Individual Centricity Corporation. His professional journey and accomplishments are marked by outstanding leadership, strategic planning, and innovative problem-solving skills across various sectors, making him an integral part of the organization’s strategic decision-making process.

Tom began his career in the United States Navy, where he excelled academically, graduating at the top of his class in Cryptology. He served with distinction, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander from the Naval Reserve. In his role as an Information Warfare officer for the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, he demonstrated superior understanding and application of information technology and security, skills that he continues to leverage in his current role.

Parallel to his military service, Tom ventured into the corporate world, exploring a variety of industries. His experience spans medical devices, computer chip manufacturing inspection, webhosting, contract manufacturing, and consumer goods. As an executive and international leader, Tom has successfully overseen operations and revenue responsibilities for businesses valued up to $300 million across 19 countries.

One of his notable accomplishments includes his tenure at Crocs, Inc., where he served as the Director of Business Development and then as the Vice President of Global Sales. Under his leadership, Crocs grew from a small company with $3M in sales to a globally recognized brand boasting $1.3B in sales. He was instrumental in creating licensing partnerships with major professional sports leagues, an achievement that attests to his ability to form strategic alliances and partnerships.

As Managing Partner at VentureDNA, Tom demonstrated his acumen for tech sales and leadership. He served as the technology sales lead on the Nucleaus team and led the Sales Team for Safe Health, both VentureDNA companies. His understanding of the intersection between personal relationships, technology expertise, and corporate interests proved invaluable, helping position companies across the country for success.

Tom’s academic accomplishments further enrich his professional profile. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California San Diego, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a Master’s degree from the Naval War College. These degrees provide a solid foundation in economics, business administration, and military strategy, which he applies to his strategic and operational roles.

As the Chief of Staff to Thomas Loker at Individual Centricity Corporation, Tom brings his extensive experience and diverse skills to guide the company’s strategic initiatives, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring alignment with the company’s vision and objectives. His leadership and strategic insight are instrumental in driving the organization’s success and growth.

Overall, Tom Ramar is a dynamic and highly skilled professional whose broad experience, military discipline, and academic achievements equip him well to excel in his role at Individual Centricity Corporation. His impressive career trajectory is a testament to his adaptability, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence.

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