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Individually Centric


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Its Largely Perspective

This new era does not require developing many new technologies but rather a shift in perspective of how we apply technologies from centered on big business to centered on the individual.
– Individual Centricity

By centering transactions on the individual, we create more ubiquitous, simpler, and self-improving systems. This approach allows technology to be more accessible, helpful, user-friendly, and tailored to each person’s unique needs, ultimately leading to greater functionality, benefit, adoption, and usage.
-Frictionless Existence

Individual Surety

Each ICC user, is identified by their mobile device. They are known through their characteristics and actions. You are your 1TrueU.
- Seamless Identity

Full Control of Personal Information

With ICC you never have to upload your personal information to the web to be validated, you own your ID. You can share what you want or not. If you do share you can get paid.
- Total Control

Confident Communication

Always know who your chatting with, no portal in the middle altering or obscuring: no bots or fake users. Everyone is whom they profess to be.
- Safe and Secure

Know What you see

Everything you see from another ICC user includes the provenance and pedigree of the information. You know it is real, true, and unadulterated in transit.
- Full Validation

Self Optomization

Every individual, device, sensor, and data point is a self-optimizing intelligent neural network node. Each node is connected to other nodes, and those nodes are connected to others.
- Infinite Connections.

Contextual Relevance

Ask a question, but what if it's not the right question? ICC systems constantly improve the queries you pose and the outcomes you seek to provide you with the correct information and result you want and need.
- Better Questions, Better Outcomes

Putting it All Together

The World is a Sum of All its Parts

ICC sees the problems in our digital world not as a result of technologies’ limits but as a failure in the methods, the structure, and the focus of how we implemented these technologies.

Perspective is a massive influence on how we choose to frame our world, queries, and outcomes. Our Historical Perspective has wrought Observation Bias (also called developer bias or research bias), which is the tendency to see what we expect or want to see. When a person develops a tool or a system, they usually come to a project with prior knowledge and subjective feelings about how users expect to see the solution. This is not necessarily wrong!

In the early days of the PC industry, we purposely did not significantly redesign how new adopters of technology would use our new systems. We knew if we took them too far – too fast, they would balk, and sales would be lost. We stayed in a narrow lane. But, in at least fifty years, we have never reconsidered our fundamental methodologies or perspectives – Until Today!

Technology Road Map

ICC flips the script, Now YOU'RE in control

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1TrueU is on a mission to eliminate identity and personal data theft globally. We do this by restoring truth in identity and trust in transactions. We focus on the individual and measure the strength of their identity and secure their personal data.
- We are in the “Truth” Business!

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We are building an intelligent nodal neural network that is temporally and spatially aware, efficient, and effective with questions and outcomes that evolve to provide uniquely tailored innovative results that change as time and local situations change. 
- Fully Connected Fully Secure



SoCR is a collection of neuro-plastic-inspired logic models that selectively refine processing capabilities determining Contextual Relevance to fit each task. Our functions & methods don't simply learn; they are always learning "how to learn."
- We Deliver the Full Promise of Technology

General Information

Common Questions

An Individual Centricity approach benefits the individual and the organization by eliminating any extra effort or insecurity about the user. Identity is assured, and authentication as a discrete step is not necessary, saving significant time and hassle—the preferences of each user or customer are also well-known and always present. Users own their data, and it is integral to their devices. In responding to forms or applications, users don’t need to enter the same responses repeatedly. Data that is responsive to questions already posed is automatically available. Users only need to respond to new queries. 

For the individual, this approach leads to a more personalized and satisfying experience with the product or service and greater control and autonomy. For the organization, an Individual Centricity approach can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved user engagement, and potentially even higher revenue. Additionally, by knowing with certainty the individual users, fraud, and abuse are significantly reduced, organizations may be able to identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.

For the individual, Individual Centricity brings autonomy, sovereignty, and numerous beneficial interests like owning your own data and being compensated when you choose to share your data for commercial use.

For the enterprise, they gain significant efficiency, lowering capital equipment and systems costs, improved effectiveness in interactions with Individually Centric users, and significant opportunities for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase revenues.

So, you often hear about businesses using an individually-centric approach. This is not Individual Centricity.

An individual-centric approach may impact an individual’s privacy and personal data. In some cases, an individual-centric approach may involve collecting and analyzing large amounts of personal data in order to personalize the user experience. This can include demographic information, browsing history, and other data about the individual’s behavior and preferences stored on the cloud or online servers and subject to hacking. But it almost never includes your ability to be compensated or to control its use or distribution.

Even when the organization has robust data privacy and security measures, this data collection and analysis could potentially lead to a privacy breach or unauthorized access to your personal information.

In the case of Individual Centricity, you own your data, your data is secured by your 1TrueU system, you choose what to share, and the provenance and pedigree of your data remain intact and traceable after you have shared the information. You receive compensation for any commercial use. Your privacy is protected, and your personal data is secured.

An organization can effectively implement Individual Centricity by taking the following steps:

    1. Deploy the free 1TrueU application to all users’ or customers’ mobile devices.
    2. Implement a new protocol that eliminates user ids and passwords and replaces those with the ability for the enterprise to query the user’s device and read the degree of confidence that the device user is who they profess to be.
    3. No longer require users to upload their personal information to validate that they are who they say they are.
    4. Offer individuals options and allow them to customize their experience as much as possible.
    5. Use the Individual Centricity’s Provenance and Pedigree system to ensure data is accurate, complete, and protected from unauthorized access, breaches, or misuse.
    6. No employee training is necessary!
    7. No cloud or large server farms are necessary!

By following these steps, organizations can implement an Individual Centricity approach while protecting individuals’ privacy and personal data.

The Individual Centricity approach gives individuals more control and autonomy over their interactions with others by allowing them to customize their experiences. This could include allowing individuals to choose their preferred communication channels, set their own privacy settings, or opt-in to certain types of interactions or data collection.

Additionally, the Individual Centricity approach can provide individuals with more information and insights about their behavior and preferences, empowering them to make more informed decisions and control their interactions with others.

Moreover, the Individual Centricity approach can also lead to more effective communication. The organization or other parties can tailor their messaging and interactions to the individual’s preferences and needs; this can help to build trust and credibility.

It also gives individuals more control over their personal data, as they can choose what data to share and with whom.

In many cases, Individual Centricity will also eliminate the need for portals to facilitate your communication with others. You will be able to have more direct interactions without bias, moderators, or censors in the middle.

Technical Questions

Initially, 1TrueU will be available for Apple and Android systems.  We plan to also offer our systems for wearables, laptops, desktops, and some IoT devices.

Install And Setup

1TrueU base product is always free.

You can lock down your device if someone else tries to use it.  You can set a general level of access across your whole device or specific access limits for any of your applications.

You can download and install 1TrueU in a matter of minutes. Once the application is set up, you do not need to interact with it regularly.

It quietly runs in the background, validating who you are you, and only you, while protecting your device and data.

Yes – at a small monthly subscription cost.

We offer an add-on product Called 1TrueU password keeper.  This system stores and protects all of your user ids and passwords and provides the ability for automatic login to legacy systems, so you gain the Frictionless Existence of 1TrueU before the businesses and systems you interface have had the chance to upgrade their services.