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John Hagen, Chief People Person, Individual Centricity

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accomplished Chief People Officer, Passion for collaboration and comradery

Full Bio

John Hagen is a highly accomplished Chief People Officer and Board Director, currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Human Resources (Talent, People, and Culture) for Individual Centricity Corporation (IC-Corp). With a career spanning multiple industries and regions, John has demonstrated his passion for fostering comradery, commitment, determination, and collaboration within emerging and growing companies.

John’s expertise lies in leveraging Talent, People (HR), and Culture as a strategic driver for organizational success. Throughout his professional journey, he has led organizations from various C-level vantage points, overseeing the transformation, reorganization, and restructuring of over a dozen brands. With extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, John has successfully managed 5 IPOs, facilitated 40+ M&A transactions, and orchestrated 8 public-to-private transitions across the United States, Canada, the Americas, the EU (European Union), and Asia.

Educationally, John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, and a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations (MSILR). This diverse educational background has equipped him with a well-rounded perspective on people and organizational dynamics.

Currently, as the Chief People Officer and Board Director at IC-Corp, John plays a pivotal role in spearheading the company’s identity security tech solutions. Being a startup in its initial funding rounds, IC-Corp benefits greatly from John’s extensive experience and strategic mindset. His guidance and mentorship contribute to the development of a strong organizational culture and the effective management of human resources in this dynamic environment.

Prior to joining IC-Corp, John currently also serves as the Chief People Officer and Board Director at Thomsen’s, Inc., a woman-owned Clean Touch Technologies company. During his tenure, he positioned Thomsen’s, Inc. as a global leader in manufacturing and supplying comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing systems for high-touch surfaces. John’s expertise in HR and talent management played a crucial role in the company’s success, particularly during its initial funding rounds.

In addition to his roles at IC-Corp and Thomsen’s, Inc., John also acted as a Chief of M&A and BOD Advisor for a confidential public SaaS company with global holdings. In this capacity, he provided guidance on compliance and successfully led the transition of 4,000 employees through a $4 billion public U.S.-Southeast Asian retail/SaaS merger. His contributions to establishing new headquarters, implementing franchising models, and integrating SaaS into the retail, hospitality, real estate, and health tech industries were instrumental in driving organizational growth and success.

Before his executive positions, John served as the President of Washington Search Partners and BOD Advisory Group, a retained executive/tech search and board advisory firm based in Greater Seattle. With a focus on family and privately owned businesses, he acted as an advisor during the acquisition period from March 2020 to August 2020. His expertise in talent acquisition and board advisory services supported the successful integration of new leadership within the organization.

Throughout his career, John has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive organizational success through effective people strategies, talent management, and cultural development. His passion for working with emerging and growing companies and his commitment to collaboration and comradery make him an exceptional leader in the field of human resources.

John Hagen’s extensive experience, diverse educational background, and track record of success make him an invaluable asset to any organization. With his strategic mindset, inclusive approach, and ability to navigate complex challenges, John continues to make a profound impact on the companies he serves.

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