Thomas Loker

Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO

Thomas Loker, Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman, Individual Centricity

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visionary leader empowering individuals, shaping a better future through technology

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Thomas W. Loker is a distinguished professional with an exceptional career spanning multiple industries and roles. He is a best-selling author, mentor, businessman, and artist with a rich history that has shaped his perspectives and unique approach to business. Born and raised in Leonardtown, Maryland, Loker’s early life was deeply influenced by a community that valued hard work, integrity, and character. This ethos, combined with his upbringing as the son of a lawyer and his interactions with farmers and watermen, instilled in him a respect for both complex legal matters and simpler commitments found in fieldwork and boating.

Loker’s educational journey is characterized by a strong foundational education, including a series of parochial schools, military training, and higher education that emphasized science, biometrics, human nature and understanding, philosophy, systemic natural selection, and systems integration. This diverse background of education has been applied throughout his career and played a critical role in his ability to navigate business complexities with ease.

His early career was as diverse as his education, with roles ranging from managing a dry cleaner, working in the funeral business, managing science laboratories, teaching at the college level, to operating bookstores. He also engaged in retail sales of groceries, shoes, clothing, music equipment, computer products, and wholesale distribution of computers, printers, telecommunications devices. His experience also extends to software manufacturing, construction, and developing catalog sales companies and franchise sales companies.

Transitioning into his mid-career, Loker founded and led an innovative consulting company that provided integrated business solutions to companies globally. His firm offered unique services for start-up companies and businesses in trouble, spanning multiple industries from sanitary and wastewater management to personal electronic device manufacturing and robotics. This period of his career was marked by worldwide engagements with clients in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Germany, Japan, and China.

His vast experience is also highlighted by his work with both large and small companies. Loker has worked for notable companies like Epson America, Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, and ComputerLand Corporation and provided consulting services to Toshiba, NEC, Funai Electric Corporation, among others.

Today, Thomas W. Loker serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Individual Centricity Corporation. This enterprise is dedicated to tackling the pressing issues of the digital age, including fraud and identity theft, by empowering individuals to own their data. Individual Centricity Corporation represents Loker’s commitment to harnessing technology to solve complex problems and improve lives.

Throughout his career, Loker has demonstrated an ability to adapt to different industries and roles, showing a unique blend of skills, experiences, and leadership capabilities. His work has consistently focused on creating and maintaining efficient, quality systems while considering the human element at the core of all business operations. He continues to contribute his expertise to the ever-evolving business landscape, demonstrating his dedication to both individual empowerment and global improvement.

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