Juval Löwy

Co-founder, CTO - Chief Architect

Juval Löwy, Co-Founder, CTO, Chief Architect, individual centricity

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Software Legend, shaping software architecture, driving success, and inspiring the industry

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Juval Löwy, a celebrated figure in the world of software architecture, currently serves as the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Individual Centricity Corporation. Known for his innovative ideas and dynamic leadership, Löwy’s profound contributions have significantly shaped the software industry over the last two decades.

Before his current role at Individual Centricity Corporation, Löwy founded IDesign, where he applied his in-depth knowledge and expertise as a master software architect. At IDesign, his pioneering concepts, such as microservices, became the bedrock of modern software design and development. This groundbreaking work laid the foundation for his future endeavors and solidified his position as an industry leader.

One of Löwy’s enduring legacies at IDesign is his Master Classes. Through these sessions, he has mentored thousands of architects across the globe, imparting his insights, techniques, and breakthroughs in software architecture. His commitment to sharing knowledge extends to his role as an acclaimed author, with several bestsellers to his name. His most recent publication, “Righting Software” (Addison-Wesley, 2019), presents his revolutionary ideas on system and project design.

Löwy’s expertise extends beyond his role at IDesign. As Microsoft’s Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, he worked closely with Microsoft to help the industry adopt .NET 4.0. His involvement in the strategic design reviews for future versions of .NET and related technologies showcases his active participation in advancing the field. This involvement, coupled with his numerous published articles on almost every aspect of modern software development and architecture, led Microsoft to recognize him as a Software Legend, signifying him as one of the world’s leading .NET experts and industry leaders.

In his current role as the Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Individual Centricity Corporation, Löwy continues to lead with vision and expertise. His influence and leadership have been instrumental in establishing the company’s strategic direction and driving its success.

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