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Welcome to Individual Centricity Corporation! We are excited to introduce our new website to you. At ICC, we recognize that today‘s technology can be complex, cumbersome, and difficult to navigate. That‘s why we‘re flipping the script and putting individuals first.

How many personas do you NEED?

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How many Tech personas do you need?

Our mission is to make your digital life simpler, safer, and more secure. This year, we’re releasing 1TrueU, a revolutionary platform verifying you as your one true you. 1TrueU will enable your digital and mobile devices to securely connect you to all your contacts, put you in control of your data, and ensure the provenance and pedigree of any data you receive or transmit.

At ICC, we believe in reducing the difficulties of using technology and providing a Frictionless Existence experience. We want to create an environment where you can break free from the confines of your digital hell, engage with technology more easily, and take control of your digital life. Stop having to log in incessantly, stop what you’re doing, find the correct authenticator app to reassert who you say you are, and eliminate having to put your personal information, images, and fingerprints in the cloud for all to see and steal. ICC is truly different!

To find out more about ICC, visit our website at https://individualcentricity.com and sign up to be the first to experience the benefits of our new way of engaging with technology.

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