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IMAGINE A WORLD where YOU own your data — where fraud and theft are a thing of the past.

Is Identity Integrity
Frictionless Existence
I Have It. Do You?
Intelligent Neural Network Nodes
Empower U 2 B U
Break Free
From Digital Hell

Individual Centricity Corporation has been formed to change almost everything! We'll put you in the center of your digital universe. In doing so, you will be Secure, Connected, and UnCollected. You will be your 1TrueU. And everyone you connect with will be their 1TrueU too!

Individually Centric Systems

A.I., Machine Learning, and Advancements in microprocessor technology are converging. The missing link is effective implementation, logic, and systematics. ICC has the missing pieces!
- Regain Your Sovereignty

Individually Centric Technolgies

ICC is not just a product company; we are an entirely new category of solutions. We incorporate discrete products and Operators, Methods, Functions, Self-optimizing, and Contextually Relevant (SoCR) logic systems.
- Smarter Questions for Smarter Answers

Contextually Relevant Decisions

We enable an intelligent nodal neural network that's temporally and spatially aware, efficient, and effective with evolving questions & outcomes that change as time and local situations change. 
- Real Answers in Real Time

Frictionless Existence

ICC systems are predicated on a Frictionless Existence. To be frictionless requires no hassle. We strive for this in everything we do.
- Easy to Use

Master of Your Domain

You are in control, you are validated, and you are secured. We enable you to control your connections more and remove layers of portals, lowering cost, increasing efficiency, and improving your control over your information.
- Know Who You Talk To

Own your Data - And Get Paid

In the ICC world you always own your data, and you can get paid to share it. You make the decision and you reap the reward, not big business.
- You Take Control

I want to BREAK FREE

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"The only way to break free from digital hell is to recognize that it exists, and then to actively work to disconnect from it."


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Individual Centricity Enables your

You are the most important piece of the ICC system

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Do you want to Break Free?

Do you want to break free? “ICC is literally the most innovative thing I have seen in over 30 years! You have clearly identified the coming inflection point and are well-positioned to deliver the solution we have all been waiting for!”

Digital World Connections

Putting it All Together

“Quantum mechanics predicts that everything is actually always one whole thing. The ONE.
ICC’s system of Individually Centric transactions is implemented by this quantum understanding.

break free

U R YOU And Only U

We asked Chat GPT, “What does it mean when we say, We enable you to be you?”

“We enable you to be you” in the context of online security means that a product or service empowers users to control if and how their personal information is shared. It allows them to use online services without limitations and fear of their identity being compromised. It also protects users from online scams and frauds and enables them to express themselves without fear of being tracked or monitored.”

ICC does this and more!

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Be Safe Own Your Data

We asked Chat GPT, “Tell me what it means to be safe and own your data with no boundaries in the digital world.”

In the digital world, “Be Safe, Own Your Data, With No Boundaries” is a message that emphasizes the importance of maintaining control over your personal information and online identity while also promoting freedom and flexibility in your digital interactions. “Be Safe” suggests that a product or service is designed to protect you from online threats such as hacking and identity theft. “Own Your Data” means that you are in control of your personal information and can decide how it is used and shared. “With No Boundaries” implies that the product or service does not impose limitations or restrictions on your online activities, allowing you to freely use the internet and online services without being constrained by artificial barriers.

ICC does this and more!

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Frictionless Existence

We asked Chat GPT, “Tell me why I must have  Frictionless Existence to have a simpler digital life.”

Frictionless existence can simplify your digital life by reducing the number of steps and barriers to accessing the information and services you need, allowing for more efficient and seamless interactions with digital platforms. Removing login requirements, for example, eliminates the need to remember and manage multiple usernames and passwords and can make it easier to quickly access your information and preferences on a website or application. Additionally, intuitive navigation and user-friendly design can make it easier to find the information or features you need, reducing frustration and increasing overall satisfaction with your digital experiences.

ICC does this and so much more!

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