Declaration of Individual Centricity  – A New Revolution of Digital Freedom


Now is the time for a new revolution! Just as our forefathers fought for independence from British rule, we must now rise against enterprise-centric control of our digital world. They trample upon our rights and freedoms, and it is imperative that we reclaim our autonomy. This article presents the concept of Individual Centricity as a solution to the problems plaguing our digital lives. 

The Problems Faced by Individual:

The individual is being held hostage by the enterprise portal model, resulting in numerous issues such as unconsented data collection, theft, manipulation, hacking, and cumbersome identification and security procedures. While enterprises and social media platforms profit from massive amounts of data, the individual gains no tangible value in return. We have been forced to comply with this system, often unaware of the risks and harm we are exposed to. It is time to reassess the false sense of security and take action. 

The Need for Change:

Many companies acknowledge the need for greater data collection, storage, and use transparency. They recognize that individuals should own their personal data and participate in the value derived from its use. However, the proposed solutions are still within the realm of enterprisecentricity. It is time to challenge the status quo and advocate for a shift towards Individual Centricity. 

The Era of Individual Centricity:

Individual Centricity Corporation (ICC) emerges as the leader in the field, championing the concept of Individual Centricity. ICC believes each individual should be the primary beneficiary of their data, as it forms their digital identity. The current system disproportionately benefits tech giants while leaving individuals with limited services and significant risks. ICC aims to empower individuals by putting them in full control of their data and identity, thus creating a more equitable digital landscape. 

Twenty-five quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. That’s 25,000,000,000,000,000,000. In this era of data abundance, it’s easy to think of these bytes as a panacea – informing policies and spurring activities to address the pandemic, climate change or gender inequality – but without the right systems in place, we cannot realize the full potential of data to advance a sustainable, equitable and inclusive future.

Benefits of Data Ownership:

In an era with twenty-five quintillion pieces of data in exchange every day, empowerment of ownership over personal data brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it grants individuals the power to protect their personal information, reducing the risks of data breaches and identity theft. Secondly, individuals can ensure that their data is utilized in ways that directly benefit them, whether through services, opportunities, or financial gains. Furthermore, data ownership is crucial to preserving collective rights as individuals. 

Seizing the Future:

As the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and data-collecting devices become increasingly prevalent, individual control over our digital footprint becomes essential. ICC stands at the forefront of this pivotal movement, fostering an environment where technology serves the individual. In this new era, data becomes synonymous with power, identity, self-expression, and the right of every individual.

Join the Revolution:

It is time to claim our digital rights and take control of our data. By joining ICC, we can break free from the current system and shape our future. Welcome to the Declaration of Individual Digital Independence. Welcome to the new era of Individual Centricity with Individual Centricity Corporation.

ICC's Call to Action:

  1. Let’s unite and reclaim our digital autonomy! 
  2. Say goodbye to being held hostage by enterprises – join the revolution! 
  3. Embrace your power, join ICC, and shape our collective future. 
  4. Stand up for your digital rights and break free from the chains of the current system. 
  5. Join us in building a digital landscape where truly your data is yours and your privacy is not compromised for profitability. 

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