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1TrueU is on a mission to eliminate identity and personal data theft globally. We do this by restoring truth in identity and trust in transactions. We focus on the individual and measure the strength of their identity, and secure their personal data

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Our Trust is BROKEN!

  • Trust in identity is at an all-time low as fraudsters and fakers are everywhere
  • Business has moved online and is conducted 24×7 globally
  • Identity theft is exploding as cyber theft becomes more sophisticated and automated
  • Enterprises and bad actors are stealing your identity and personal data for their profits
  • The problem is growing and getting worse for the foreseeable future

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We are in the "TRUTH" Business!

  • 1TrueU lives on your smartphone and keeps all your personal data private and secure on your device and not in the cloud


  • It measures the strength of your identity and authenticates you by your activity to verify that you are who you say you are (truth)


  • The more times you successfully authenticate with the 1TrueU the stronger your identity score will become (velocity of truth)


  • 1TrueU will use a password keeper to assist with the transition from password-based authentication to a password-less authentication system


  • Key differentiator:  1TrueU does not validate the device. It validates the user of the device. (KYC – Know Your Customer, Truth of identity)


  • Once you have achieved an acceptable identity strength score 1TrueU and your phone will automatically authenticate you without any action on your part, and your identity verification will happen passively and continuously in the background based on your activity.


  • 1TrueU has broad use online and offline, authentication can be used for both online access and physical entry such as unlocking a car door, building control access, parking garage gates, elevator access, time clock entry, etc.
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Break Free from your Digital Hell

The digital world has brought many benefits and conveniences to our lives, but it also has its share of problems and irritations. One of the most pressing issues is fraud and identity theft, which are becoming increasingly prevalent as more personal information is shared online. Harassment, hacking, and the constant demand for authentication are also significant concerns. To break free from these problems and irritations, a new approach is needed: Individual Centricity.

1TrueU is an innovative authentication system that uses the tenants of neuroplasticity and quantum mechanics to protect the identities of individuals in an easy and secure way. It uses your smartphone to keep all your personal data private and secure on your device, and not in the cloud. 1TrueU constantly monitors and measures your identity strength based on your activity and authenticates you each time you use it. With 1TrueU, you can easily transition from password-based authentication to password-less authentication, making it more secure and convenient for you.

The benefits of 1TrueU for individuals are clear: it provides a secure, reliable and convenient way to protect your identity and personal information. 1TrueU also has broad use both online and offline, so you can use it for everything from accessing online accounts to unlocking your car door.

The benefits of 1TrueU for enterprise businesses are equally impressive. Its unique architecture lowers implementation costs, simplifies deployment, and brings significant gains in many areas across almost all types of transactions. 1TrueU will significantly lower enterprise risk of bots and fraudulent accounts consuming bandwidth and spreading fake news. It also offers Self-optimizing Contextually Relevant artificial intelligence (SoCR) for better decision support for the individual.

1TrueU is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep their identity secure and their personal information private. With its secure authentication system, easy transition from passwords to password-less, and broad use both online and offline, 1TrueU is an invaluable tool for protecting yourself from the rampant identity theft and fraud that is plaguing us today.