Data breaches are occurring every day. We all live in a digital hell. I want to Take Control, Regain My Sovereignty, and be the Master of My Own Domain! Don’t you?

How can you own your own data and get paid for it instead of trusting your information to this?

Data Breach
“Records indicate you are included in this Settlement as a Class Member….. T-Mobile will establish a $350Million Settlement Fund that will be used to pay for cash payments $25,000…”

Once again, my personal, credit and financial information was compromised (stolen) because a company I do or did do business with did not secure their collected data on me.  This caused me to change account numbers, payment methods, cancel a credit card and wait for a new one to arrive.  This in turn required I manually change how most of my other online recurring payments could/would be paid while the credit card was voided and reissued among other time consuming, frustrating and uncompensated time for their mistake not mine or the other 12.1 Million users covered. 

If I were paid at my billing rate for the hours spent correcting these thefts and inconvenience they caused it isn’t chump change… Funnier, but not Ha! HA!, I still may get paid, because after 2+ years the deadline on just filing a claim is 01/23/2023!  This is the 4th or 5th time in 3 years I was informed of the same identity issue by other businesses including my bank, for the same reasonOr, was it my mistake?  My trust has obviously been misplaced, again! We can’t trust the technology and security enterprises to protect us.  They keep proving it over and over and over.  This applies to all of us, and especially YOU!  In fact, I can safely say the larger the giant Enterprises become the more vulnerable we are!

This was not surprising or shocking to me or to the ongoing countless others who have gone through the same problem or worse. I was lucky my identity wasn’t stolen, just some of my finances and sense of security.  Another surprise to some reading this,  I was already on an identity and credit monitoring program from the last theft!  HERE’S ANOTHER NEWS (not news) FLASH!  T-Mobile just announced another data breach for 37 Million more poor souls

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