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Do you want to Break Free?

Do you want to break free? "ICC is literally the most innovative thing I have seen in over 30 years! You have clearly identified the coming inflection point and are well-positioned to deliver the solution we have all been waiting for!"

It’s Time to Break Free from Digital Hell!

The digital world has brought many benefits and conveniences to our lives, but it has also brought many new problems and irritations. Some of the biggest concerns are the issues of fraud and identity theft. With so much personal information available online, it is easy for hackers and fraudsters to steal identities and use them for financial gain.

Another major problem is the constant demand for authentication. With so many websites and apps requiring login information, it can be challenging to keep track of all the different usernames and passwords. The inconvenience can lead to frustration and even security risks if users opt for easy-to-guess passwords or reuse the same password for multiple accounts.

Break Free from your digital hellHacking is another primary concern in the digital world. Cyber crime hackers can gain access to personal information, steal money, demand ransom, and cause damage to computer systems. This not only puts individuals at risk but also corporations and governments.

Harassment is another issue that the digital world has exacerbated. Social media and other online platforms have made it easy for people to harass and bully others anonymously. This can have severe consequences for victims, including depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

The cost of these problems can be significant. In addition to the financial cost of identity theft and fraud, there is also the emotional cost of harassment and the stress of constantly protecting personal information.

So, what can be done to break free from these problems and irritations of the digital world? That’s what Individual Centricity Corporation (ICC) was created to accomplish. Our goal is to enable your escape from the mess technology has made, flip the script on the constant attacks, threats, and demand for our data, and provide a digital world that is simpler, safer, effective, efficient, and connected. A place where you know with whom you’re communicating. What if you are the CenterPoint of your transactions? What if you determine who can see your information? 

What if you never have to share your personal information with others for them to know that you are you and only you, absolutely? What if you know who created the information you receive and that the data came to you intact and unadulterated? What if you can protect your mobile device(s) and automatically lock down those functions you choose when others borrow your device just by handing it to them? 

This vision is what ICC envisions and is building right now. We call it Frictionless Existence. You are in control, you are validated, and you are secured. This is just the first step in the future ICC is developing. What follows will enable you to control your connections more and remove layers of portals, lowering cost, increasing efficiency, and improving your control over your information. Next will come what we call, SoCR; we will tell you more about this in a few months. SoCR will set the framework for technology and A.I. to finally deliver the answers and understanding we have longed for since the start of the digital era.

Ultimately, it is essential to remember that while the digital world has brought many benefits, it is not without its problems and irritations. ICC is pioneering a new category of technology implementation that will let us all BREAK FREE from the digital world’s issues and irritations and enjoy its many benefits.Cyber Crime